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Do not be satisfied with just another set, we can customize it through tinting. Natural looking dentures will ensure a broad confident smile. We use the latest equipment and materials to give you the best fitting, strongest and natural looking dentures possible.

Full dentures

Full dentures replaces all of the upper and/or lower teeth. Denture (artificial) teeth are held in place by the denture base material called acrylic. The teeth come in different shapes, sizes and colours so that the dentures can be made as individual as you are. We prefer making natural looking dentures to match your individuality!

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Partial dentures

Partial dentures replaces some of your missing teeth and uses clasps around the natural teeth to keep the partial denture from being displaced. Acrylic and metal partial dentures are most commonly used. Metal partial dentures are stronger, thinner and causes less damage to your remaining teeth than acrylic partial dentures. In some cases flexible dentures can also be used for a better aesthetic result. We can discuss the best option for you with all the pros and cons of each option.

Acrylic Partial Dentures

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Metal Partial Dentures

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Immediate dentures

Immediate dentures are dentures that are inserted immediately after natural teeth has been extracted. (This is done with the co-operation of a dentist.)

This can include partial or full immediate dentures. The benefits of having immediate dentures are that the dentures keep the swelling of the gum to a minimum, reduces the risk of infection and you do not have to go without teeth while the gums are healing! Once the gums are healed, after having extractions done (usually 3 months), the dentures need to be relined to refit them on the healed gums to ensure they are stable and do not cause any trauma to the gum or teeth surfaces.

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