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We can fit mouthguards over braces and retainers


1. Impression

An impression appointment is scheduled to take an impression of the upper teeth.
This usually takes 5 minutes and we make it as entertaining and stress free for the kids as possible.

2. Collect your mouthguard

Because our mouthguards are custom made they fit tightly, should it cause some discomfort, the mouthguard can easily be adjusted.

Club mouthguards

1. We come to your club to take impressions for mouthguards.

We will arrange the procedure with the club and advise you accordingly.

2. Collect your mouthguard

In sport seasons we have designated mouth guard collection times. This allow you to pay with your health insurance card and give us the opportunity to make sure you are happy with the mouthguard.

1. Initial consultation

We listen to you, assess your case and discuss your treatment options. The more you can tell us what you want the better we can craft your dentures.

2. The work

A few appointments are necessary to get all the impressions and bite done. Afterwards, we do a try in to make sure everything is the way it should be and look. This ensures a perfect fit. If we are not happy with anything at this stage, we can change it!

3. Denture day

You come in to have your dentures fitted. We make sure everything is fitting, functioning and looking the way it should!

4. Follow up

Patients are often so excited about getting new natural looking and functional dentures that they forget it might take time to get used to the new teeth. The new denture might alter your speech and the way you chew. Some tender spots may occur due to chewing, this is quite common. These adjustments are made at the follow-up appointments, ensuring the dentures are comfortable practical and good looking!

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Payment Options

We accept the following payment types:

  • Cash
  • Eftpos
  • Credit Cards
  • Health Funds
  • Veteran Affairs

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